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Some refer to him as a musical genius, some know him as a psychotic eccentric  maniac, and some just know him as God. Hammond is also famous for discovering Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Leonard Cohen, Billie Holiday, Count Basie, and Benny Goodman, yep this guys been around for a while, and later discovering Stevie Ray Vaughan. 15 results per page. There next album Led Zeppelin IV is an incredible folk/blues rock album that is a little more refined than their previous albums. Many state Elvis grew fat, started becoming a lounge act, and lost his powerful influence on music and energy he had back in the late 50s. They pretty much laid the groundwork for post 60s space rock and psychedelic music and produced some of the best jams of the early 70s. A Farewell to Kings is just a very unique sounding album with awesome guitar work and Geddy does an incredible job singing. By the time the 70s rolled, he decided to pursue a solo career. These guys were progressive Gods, simply an amazing rock trio with a highly talented keyboardist who could match Rick Wakeman, and Carl Palmer has to by far be one of the most underrated drummers of all time. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground. In fact, I can't think of anything bad about any of the instruments, they each stand out and shine, keyboard has some cool jazz chords and riffs, bass is very groovy, drumming is fantastic with lots of kick pedal and guitar work is superb. Fullscreen . In fact, even the cheesy McCartney is still enjoyable to an extent. John Bonhams drumming was also incredible and he could accommodate well to Zeppelin's style. Jethro Tull has to be one of the most unique progressive bands with their own sound and some very cool sounding vocal work. He had musical themes that dealt with monsters, people getting murdered, and abusive marriages. They are just an overall well rounded band. Sure you had other mainland European prog bands like Focus and Can who could create more advanced and professional albums, but Nektars albums had a bit of a rawer sound. Kansas sounds like such a boring band just by their name, I mean isn't all the state of Kansas has to offer is corn and the introduction to the Wizard of Oz? Condition is "Used". They helped influence the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, and they could rock pretty hard. And Debbie was very much an independent strong woman. King Crimson, like many early progressive bands, mixed classical and jazz music into their sound, using flutes and saxophones. 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Magyarországra történő kiszállításért tekintse meg ezt a termékoldalt: LEIFHEIT Classic 70 83056. Santana's late 70s was more blues oriented, although Santana was starting to go more mainstream at this point, and get less jazzy. In fact, their really isn't any instrument Kansas hasn't mastered. Their first self titled album was basically average hard rock with some good guitar work, but with their next two albums, drummer Neil Peart took over and forever changed rock drumming. Of course, you had your core prog groups from England like Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, and ELP, then you had your German area prog groups like Can, Focus, and Tangerine Dream, and then finally you had your Italian prog like PFM and Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. They pioneered a genre and led the way for future 80s synth pop bands to create some amazing electronic jams. The Cars were the very definition of New Wave with lots of synth and poppy vocals. Steely Dan continued to evolve and each album has its own feel and theme. Santana had 10 studio albums by the time the 70s ended, and their early 70s work marked their place in music history. John had such a wonderful rock voice, but could also go ballad and you can just listen to him sing song after song without growing bored. Zeppelin had a style that was very unique for the time and influenced new generations of rockers to come. They have some incredible long songs, that have really good flow and incredible musicianship on all parts, most notable guitar and drums. King Crimson was very professional and changed the way music was produced and written forever. They blended prog with sort of pleasant classical sounding passages. Their first album of the 70s, Idlewild South is some incredible blues inspired songs, mostly written by guitarist Dickey Betts. Yet despite this, they still are brilliant and write some incredible material. They were one of the best live acts of their time. Yet, Yes added their own twist, Anderson's high pitched vocals inspired by medieval and renaissance styles, Howe's jazz influenced guitar, Squires funky bass, Bruford's incredible self-taught drumming techniques, and Kaye's excellent hard rocking organ put together an incredible album The Yes Album in 1971 that forever put their mark on progressive history. By the time they released their self-titled album in 1975, they were struggling to find their sound and lineup but with Stevie and Lindsey coming to the band, they were able to find their place in music history and record some very laid back and incredible pop rock with a little bit of country. As a songwriter, Billy Joel wrote some very fine material that was piano heavy and offered some very catchy rhythms. Well those and an incredibly symphonic influenced progressive rock band. Surprisingly, I liked Can after listening to a few of their albums, and appreciated their style. Dylan was an incredibly diverse musician playing folk, blues, jazz, rock, and country. They could create long psychedelic jams and improvisations that manage to stay fresh and engaging throughout the entire length. All the members of the band are so talented. I'm not much for female singers in rock music, they usually end up being too innocent or smooth for the style they are going for, but Debbie's vocals have so much emotion and sensuality behind them, that you immediately get hooked into the music. I don't want to go on too much, but they were Australia's much needed call to rock n roll fame. Focus is another awesome 70s progressive band. His backing band does a great job backing his sinister vocals, and produce a few great solos and riffs of their own. I'm sure this is also why they get a lot of hate. Did I mention Eric Clapton and George Harrison were huge fans of the Band and stated their early 70s solo careers were heavily influenced by these guys. 288 vehicles matched Now showing page 1 of 20. There are even songs where McCartney comes close to imitating former bandmate, John Lennon. Debbie was a rock icon, becoming a sex icon of the late 70s and early 80s, as well as having her share of relationships with both men and woman, and of course drugs and alcohol she was addicted to, and shockingly enough she never married or had kids. Plus his voice was surprisingly soothing, despite the fact that it wasn't very musical. Lets also not forget Knopfler's incredible guitar solos as well. I can already see a ton of jokes being inspired by the band name like Too much Television will rot your brain, or Television is bad for the kids. His music was very atmospheric and bit eccentric, which gave him an edge over many of his contemporaries. Tom Waits was sort of the blues influence rock needed at that time. Before King Crimson, the closest you got to progressive was Canterbury, which was more jazz and fusion but did have some progressive elements. The Clash conveyed some powerful themes in their music and called for a revolution in the youth at the time, to fight for their individuality and right to express whatever they wanted. Listen to Big Classic Hits Live for Free! Though their later 70s work isn't quite as brilliant or complex as their early 70s work, they still earn a spot in the top 10 for being one of the most brilliant bands at a time where jazz was basically dead among younger generations. They are by far one of the greatest post punk groups of all time. The Allman brothers have some incredible long live jams that almost put the Grateful Dead to shame. During the late 70s, you had a lot of underground music who felt punk was too simplistic and restrictive. Very different than your typical prog. They were singing big melodies like they were a pop band, but playing heavy power chords like they were a rock band, which became known as power pop later. Rush from this point, moves further into progressive territory with each album. The Clash weren't about making long jams or excessive soloing, they were all about conveying messages and producing upbeat material that teenagers could dance to. Lou Reed's solo music was a bit more accessible to the public, imagine a more pop-oriented Velvet Underground, but at the same time he also did some experimental stuff to show he wasn't going to conform. They weren't quite a rock n roll band, they weren't really classical, nor were they all that pop. Für Versand nach Deutschland, besuchen Sie bitte LEIFHEIT Classic 70 83056. Sabbath was the best at what they did, and had some pretty dark and musically heavy music for their time, and thats what made them legends. HQRP Battery fits Tri-Tronics 1272800 G3 Transmitters Classic 70 G3, Field 90 G3, Flyway G3, G3 Field, G3 Pro, Pro 100 G3, Pro 200 G3, Pro 500 G3, Trashbreaker G3, Upland SP … Some of his music even had a vaudeville feel, half of Alice Cooper is the way he presents his music. They were led by Bryan Ferry, who also had a pretty successful solo career. Unfortunately he died of alcohol abuse destroying his liver, and was only 47. Kansas went from a solid hard rock ground, to some incredible symphonic prog, all within a few year span. Children of the baby boomers were listening to the Ramones and punk to rebel against their parents, which had similar elements of rock n roll, only a lot more provocative and upbeat. They were instead, a combination of all this, as well as being a roots and southern rock band. I'm know a lot of Elton John fans are going to hate me for placing him this low on the list, but I consider it even lucky that I was able to place him this high. There's really nothing bad to say about Brian Eno because he took popular genres during his time period and added his own creative interpretations, using lots of interesting synth effects, atmospheric guitar solos, and odd vocal lines. Its good arena rock but their next album is what puts their name on the board. He added sort of a 50s rock n roll feel and style to his music, only mixed with modern sounding equipment and a very quick tempo. Although she has that look on her face on the album cover of Parallel Lines as well as attitude in the way she things, that says "Touch me and I'll kick your asses, I don't care if I'm in a white dress and high heels, stay the hell away". And they were successful, with catchy guitar and riffs, and unforgettable vocals that sort of had an echo to them. Neil Young is an incredible song writer who could connect to his listeners, and was an expansion of CSNY. Lead signer Ian Curtis had a unique voice that sort of had a new wave/punk feel to it, yet he conveyed so much emotion. They are just an incredible band that had a very raw progressive sound. Yet Black Sabbath wasn't quite metal, they were simply very hard rock that used many elements that would later be staples in the metal genre. While listening to his music, you'd swear a lot of it is off a soundtrack for some medieval film set in an ancient countryside somewhere. Yet, KISS is mostly on this list not for their music, but the originality and stagemanship of the band. He had some of the greatest and original solos and his backing band was great, producing some incredible riffs for him to work around. These guys were everything that was good about hard rock in the late 70s, and they even had sort of a rockabilly sound to them. They also were one of the first early bands that helped pave the path to the newly emerging metal genre. Mike not only composed his own music, he played nearly every instrument, guitar, bass, various percussive instruments, piano, and to top that off he really only created long songs during the 70s. Mike Oldfield you could say was the godfather of new age and symphonic prog. Its very progressive influenced and is up there with Who's Next. Santana also had a very talented young keyboardist Gregg Rolie, who would later go on to form a staple 80s band Journey. In fact I'm pretty sure these guys inspired Deep Purple to change their direction at the start of the 70s. While keyboardist Donald Fagen improvises and creates some very catchy grooves and licks, as well as solos from time to time. Schools Out has sort of become an anthem for high school students graduating, as well as inspired the inclusion of the children's chorus in Another Brick in the Wall Part II by Pink Floyd. Dynaco ST-70: A Timeless Classic. But despite this, they were one of the greatest progressive bands of their time, and had a distinct sound that can not be replicated. For this owner, a classic car is not about chasing traffic lights and carving up tight and twisty mountain roads. During the 1970s, you had a lot of pop and female fronted bands, particularly during the earlier half of the decade, before AOR and disco started taking over in the later half. Dire Straits were one of the most popular rock groups of the 80s and made some incredible albums, but it all started in the late 70s. Fusion is the closest description that matches the Steely Dan sound, they mixed various genres from rock, to jazz, blues, latin, progressive, pretty much any genre that was popular at the time. T. Rex was all about experimenting and using heavy distorted electric guitars, T. Rex had some pretty heavy material for their time. Elvis stated himself he was a new man and would no longer star in movies he wasn't interested in. Most Steely Dan fans will also be fans of post bop era jazz and fusion like Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Although their early 70s albums were significantly better than anything else they made. These guys were a little bizarre and sarcastic but that only adds to their likableness. The Wings had their share of good albums and singles, despite what people like to say. Paul sort of stuck to his pop rock stuff that made him famous with the Beatles and girls of course, George stuck to straight rock, and Ringo did rock n roll and classic rock type albums. All the musicians were incredibly talented with insane keyboard solos, some quick driven guitar solos, and of course spectacular drumming and bass work. Who Are You is their last of the 70s and before the unfortunate death of drummer Keith Moon. Bassist Roger Glover does an incredible job keeping rhythm and forming his own basslines, mainly inspired by blues. They pruduced some very fine albums that had lots of diversity, and the bands I usually find the most talented and interesting to listen to (The Beatles, Yes, Frank Zappa) are those that create albums where all the songs stand their own ground and experiment with different genres and styles, rather than all sounding similar. Classic BMW Vehicles for Sale. Still Supertramp was a very awesome progressive band and one of the few to experiment extensively with electric pianos, and they have harmonies to match Yes, and very catchy riffs that are hard to forget. Trans World Entertainment's Classic Rock 70's collects 36 original hits of the era featuring Dr. John's "Right Place Wrong Time," Bachman Turner Overdrive's "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," Linda Ronstadt's "When Will I Be Loved?," Electric Light Orchestra's "Evil Woman," Mountain's "Mississippi Queen," and Peter Frampton's "Baby, I Love Your Way." Rolie was also into jazz and was great at soloing. They were on of the first metal groups to emerge, and helped set the goundwork for 80s heavy metal. Carlos Santana is one of the greatest guitarists of all time and shows why in his 70s releases. Lots of Hawkwinds songs revolve around instrumental jams, with repetitive and trippy bass/drum lines. In the 70s, the Beatles all went their separate ways, as I stated in the description of John Lennon, Paul sort of stuck to his poppy, acoustic driven rock. They all also had solo careers in the 70s, although Neil Young's was the most successful and well known. Talking Heads are pretty hard to describe, they basically tried to apply jazz and funk elements with a post punk-like feel. It had a variety of songs from old barbershop sounding songs, to rock anthems. Hemispheres is sort of an expansion of a Farewell to Kings in that is has a similar sound. Combined with Hendrix, these guys are pretty much Woodstock defined. It was also Hammond who helped struggling black musicians find record labels and fought against discrimination back in the 1930s, but thats another story. For only three band members, these guys sure were perfectionists and each the best at the instruments they played. When punk bands like the Clash came on the radio and their teenage kids would listen to them, parents feared this would be the new standard for music, much like in the late 50s when their parents feared rock n roll would take over adult oriented jazz and pop. Talking Heads were one of the first true hipster bands, as much as I despise the term hipster, Talking Heads were the anti-mainstream of their time. Supertramp is one of my favorite progressive bands from the 70s and have some really incredible harmonies and superb keyboard work, but I left them out due to their slight inconsistency. Its a shame that the lead singer, one of their lead guitarists, and a background singer had to die in a plane crash in 1977, ending the band for a while. He's one hell of a live act, and knows how to put on an interesting show. Oldfield music was very relaxing in filled with lots of medieval and folk influences. All four members played synth and pieced each others riffs together to create some of the first electronic sounding songs. Animals is sort of a concept album with 3 long songs. What would the 70s be without some early space rock. Rush's next two albums were also closer to hard rock with slight progressive influences, although they were a large improvement over their first album. The Grateful Dead were kind of the start to a genre known as jam, where you take a riff and expand on it until you realize 20 minutes later you're still in the middle of the same song. I don't care what anyone says, the Stooges were really the first true punk band. Houses of the Holy sort of has a jazzy feel to it and has some incredible guitar work. The Bee Gees were the very definition of mainstream and produced a lot of cheese to get there. Uncoincidentally, these are also the guys who inspired the likes of Iron Maiden, who were a staple in hard rock and metal throughout the 80s, and still are to this day. Kansas rocked the world in the 1970s with their symphonic masterpieces, with heavy synthesizer work, and incredible acoustic and electric guitar solos. Of course the music that backs him up is pretty good with some nice acoustic or piano in the background. Posted on June 28, 2016 by Jim Lansing June 28, 2016. Billy Joel was at the top of his game in the 70s and wrote some beautiful songs, and had a pretty good voice. I know a lot of you are thinking what is Stevie Wonder doing on a list of greatest rock artists/bands. Lets also not forget the influences Stevie Wonder has had on the evolution of both funk and rock. Still, Fleetwood Mac created some of the most well known and catchiest albums of the 70s, and were the very definition of successful female fronted pop. Marc Bolan is an incredible vocalist and has a very unique range and voice. The food shortages, government control of the press, militarization of culture, spying on citizens, and mass arrests and torture of supposed “enemies” were all part of life in Soviet Russia. In fact, their falsettos are incredible and the instrumental work in the background is also very catchy and funky. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young was sort of a supergroup, consisting of 4 very talented and folk influenced musicians, David Crosby of the Byrds, Graham Nash of the Hollies, and Neil Young and Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield. Unfortunately the studio Grateful Dead comes nowhere near as great the live Grateful Dead. Incredible jams, guitar solos, and organ everywhere. Tago Mago is a piece of art, and Can uses it to stretch their definition of how far you can stretch music and add their own creative touches. They will go down in history as one of the greatest hard rock groups of all time. Aside from having some catchy songs, they were a pretty solid hard rock outfit that had some unforgettable classics. Singer Jeff Lynne kind of has a John Lennon type of voice that works well. While other bands around him were mostly playing hard rock, AOR, pop rock, and funk, he was playing pure blues, with rock influences of course. Whether he is your dad, grandpa, or uncle, no doubt you want to celebrate his 70th birthday in extra special with the best gift that with love. Their studio material is pretty structured and feels more country, where there live jams feel looser and more bluesy. Cheap Trick's live material from the 70s is essential and some of the greatest hard rock of all time, especially the incredible guitar work and soloing. Even though the Wings and Paul had there fair share of poor albums, there good albums were some of the best of the 70s and showed why Paul was a musical genius. They are definitely one of the best supergroups out there, and its good to see all the members are still alive and doing well, even performing together occasionally. Plus they have a very odd singer, who likes to yodel songs. And with the Clash, Ramones, and Sex Pistols, a new genre emerged, which later helped pave the way to alternative rock and new wave. In reality T. Rex had many more great songs, despite its short span. He may not be my favorite singer or song writer, but he definitely deserves a spot on this list for his contributions and original music. Zappa uses his wonderful sense of humor and mixes it with progressive and jazz influences to create some very enjoyable albums. Hawkwinds influences stretched pretty far, influencing groups like the Sex Pistols, Ministry, and pretty much most neo psychedelic groups that followed them. I find Steely Dan to be kind of a love/hate band in the rock community, either you hate them or love them, not much middle ground, and I can understand why. They are very musical and very underrated. The band weren't quite a country band, nor folk, nor blues, nor blues rock. Yet the Ramones were good enough to rival anything the Clash or Sex Pistols released. UFO formed in the early 70s, and started off as sort of a space rock/progressive group, kind of like Hawkwind. Most of Steely Dan's songs are very catchy and unforgettable. Just for this, they earned their spot in the top 10. He was a genius at composing long songs and keeps them original and interesting enough where they don't just completely bore the listener. A lot of rock bands don't have patience or interest in jazz, nor really understand it well. Their contributions to the rock industry are revolutionary, and they deserve a spot on this list for that. 1960s mod rockers who inspired an entire culture in England later decided to change their image in the 70s to fit with the cultural changes occurring and went for a more mature approach with their first album of the 70s Who's Next be an incredible album that is musically and lyrically moving.

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Nicole, commerçante à Montgenèvre a comme projet de créer une chambre d’hôte. Elle souhaite être aidé mais habite à 1h45 de Gap, lieu dans lequel elle doit effectuer ses démarches administratives.

Paul, agent de service public va aider Nicole dans ses démarches.

2.Prise de rendez-vous


Prise de rendez-vous

Nicole contacte un agent de la chambre de commerce par téléphone.

L’agent dispose de l’application Visiorendez-vous sur laquelle il peut planifier le rendez-vous. Il détermine le Relais de Services Publics (RSP) le plus proche de chez l’usager grâce à la recherche géographique, ce sera celui de l’Argentière-la-Bessée.

Le rendez-vous est fixé 2 semaines plus tard avec Paul, un agent spécialisé dans la création de chambre d’hôtes.




Le jour du rendez-vous, Nicole se rend au RSP de l’Argentière-la-Bessée, à seulement 25 min de chez elle.

Elle se place en face de l’écran prévu à cet effet, un message s’affiche : «Votre rendez-vous avec Paul, de la chambre de commerce de Gap, va commencer dans 12 minutes…»

Le poste est équipé d’une webcam, d’un scanner et d’une imprimante.

4.Echange visio


Echange visio

A tout moment Nicole peut transmette un document en le plaçant dans le scanner. C’est Paul qui lance la numérisation à distance.

De son côté, l’agent peut imprimer un document sur l’imprimante située à proximité de Nicole.

Paul peut également en partager son écran à Nicole. Lorsque tout est terminé, il met fin à la réunion visio.

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Dans le département des Hautes Alpes, ce sont plus de 25 services publics qui sont disponibles dans 50 relais de service public. Chacun de ces lieux est équipé d’une tablette ou d’un ordinateur, connecté à une imprimante et un scanner sans fil. Chaque usager peut ainsi contacter et travailler avec l’ensemble des service publics du département. Simple pour l’usager car le rendez- vous démarre automatiquement, simple pour l’agent du service public car nous utilisons Microsoft Lync, et économique pour la collectivité.